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The Sask Leafcutters Association (SLA / formerly the Saskatchewan Alfalfa Seed Producers Association - SASPA) is a non-profit corporation established by Saskatchewan alfalfa seed producers in1972 to support alfalfa seed and alfalfa leafcutting bee production in Saskatchewan. The Sask Leafcutters Association works on research and extension initiatives in the areas of alfalfa seed production and alfalfa leafcutting bee management, and is actively engaged in the promotion of alfalfa as a forage crop throughout North America. The Sask Leafcutters Association is also involved in the development of innovative agricultural policy initiatives through consultation with other producer organizations, and through communication with various levels of government and industry.

The Saskatchewan Alfalfa Seed Producers Development Commission (SASPDC) was established in 1997, through a process initiated by SASPA, to assist in development of the Saskatchewan alfalfa seed and alfalfa leafcutting bee industries. The SASPDC, through collection of the alfalfa seed levy, allows Saskatchewan alfalfa seed producers to take on a role in funding areas of research and development which benefit both the alfalfa seed industry and the alfalfa leafcutting bee industry. Through ongoing consultation undertaken by the SASPDC to determine research priorities, producers have input into the utilization of alfalfa seed levy funds. Collection of the alfalfa seed levy allows the SASPDC to match funds with government agencies in order to support innovative research and development projects.

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